5 Things Lately



so I’m still mostly planning… but I wanted to blog a little bit about something other than ‘How to come up with amazing ideas for wedding invitations’ (and really, I’m at a loss there anyway 😉 ) so here are 5 things that have been on my mind or have happened or whatever… lol

1. I have become a Julep addict!

Yup, I finally gave in and bought make-up… it started with a lipstick and then spiraled from there. In all honesty: the make-up aisles at drugstores overwhelm me immensely. I never know what to get. So Julep seemed like the perfect option. I don’t want to invest all my money in make-up, but it’s good to have staples already at home if one ever does feel like wearing lipstick or just looking extra fancy on a date night, so I signed up for a 3-month subscription and now have plenty of nail polishes, a few lip products and even an eyeliner & shadow. I think I’m set for the next 10 years 😉

Have a referral link in case you want to try them out: Click.
I have to say their lip products smell absolutely amazing! I’m always a little careful when it comes to my lips because products can dry them out, but I love their lip crayons!

2. I’m tired of hearing I’m brave for getting married

This has been a huge downer for me lately: people saying ‘you must be sure about this guy’ or ‘most marriages end in divorce’ or ‘wow, you’re brave for taking that step.’ I wish people would just keep their negative opinions to themselves. I know! My parents got divorced, G. parents got divorced, we are very much aware of that. That doesn’t change the way we feel. Even if we do end up getting divorced in 20 years, do we need to think about that now? Ugh.

3. Instagram is my favorite social media site

I’ve been trying to stay active on facebook, because for a few people that’s the only way to see what I’m up to, but… I have fallen hard for instagram and just don’t really care about facebook anymore.

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4. Turns out: I’m a pretty good shot!

But way to skinny to support a heavy fire-arm. Haha. We shot some skeet the past weekend while we visited my mom and her boyfriend. It was fun and I even hit a few (I’m a natural!), but the kick-back from every shot basically moved me back a foot every time. Haha.


5. I’m overwhelmed with planning

Yup, there it is. I said it. I was done with it. Like, actually done. Everything was good to go and then… G.s sister backed out and it kinda completely knocked the air right out of me. At this point I just want to grab G. and go somewhere just the two of us. There are already a few people telling me they won’t make it and there have been a few things lately (my dress shopping got canceled, still no ring… I mean I still only have the ‘temporary’ one) that just make me want to go ‘F it all. Let’s elope! I can’t deal with everyone else on top of us, too’ I’ve been feeling like everyone only brings up problems instead of solutions lately and it’s just too much. I know there is still lots of time, so I don’t think there is any harm in just stepping back and saying ‘I need a break’.

And that’s that!

What have you been up to lately? Any advice or tips or instagrams or pintrest boards or etsy shops you feel like sharing? Feel free!

Have a lovely weekend,


I’m getting married!


No, this is not a joke or April Fool’s prank. I am actually getting married! G. asked me on our Vancouver trip – at the Vancouver Aquarium to be exact.

The items pictured were all part of the surprise. The Otter was our ‘price’ (that we supposedly won), that led to the gift shop where I picked up the box which I then opened with key on Otter and the ring box was in it & G. on one knee.

It was absolutely amazing and we have it all in pictures – which I will not share here, because they quickly go from cute crying to ugly crying, because I was just so overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe I got out-foxed! Lol.

Anywhere, I’ve been busy planning our wedding – crazy, eh? About two weeks after our Engagement I had everything pretty much hammered out. Where? Check! Who? Check! Photographer? Check! Legal documents? Know they exist! Costs? We’ll get there… haha. We decided for a destination wedding – with him being Canadian and me being German I felt like if we picked either country one of us would feel left out, so somewhere else entirely felt right. And then… G. sister asked if we were willing to share our wedding-vacation with their wedding.

It’s been a little rough ever since. Planning two weddings, basically separate from each other and then just declaring over texts ‘this won’t work for us’ is hard. We have a travel planner that tried to accommodate us both, but when one wants ‘no kids’ and the other is ‘pro kids’ it’s hard to find common ground. Yesterday we finally found a good option through (bless!) airbnb.

Of course there is still a lot that needs to be addressed, but we’ll get there… I just wanted to let you guys know I’m in full planning mode right now and so I’m lacking a little with the post-writing. Sorry about that. It’s funny, too, because we have a year to go and I’m at 100% – what will I do with the rest of the year? Just sit back and relax? *shudder* I feel like there is some career-advice for me in all this 😉

How did your wedding go? Tips? Regrets? OR if you are not married: How do you imagine your dream wedding?


Picture Post: Vancouver Aquarium


Oh my, my. I was a little MIA, because we spent the last weekend in Vancouver and I was busy all week before that planning, packing, making sure the cat has the right food (the picky little bugger).

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend though, we booked an apartment through airbnb (if you’d like to book through them, give me a shout I can give you a referral link to safe some money 🙂 ) and it was great. It was amazing to be so close to downtown. But I will post a more detailed post soon, for now I’m gonna make a post solemnly for the Vancouver Aquarium which is a fantastic place! I’ve been there once before, but you never get tired of seeing the amazing work the people there do and the beautiful animals.

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Things to Know: Coffee in Canada


So, I never used to drink Coffee – until I came to Canada. So, I thought to myself – as I was contemplating whether to wait in a 10 car line-up or simply to drive to the next Tim Horton’s – this might be worth a post as an FYI-for all my non-North American readers.

So here’s the thing: Canadian Coffee stinks. Yup, I said it. It’s awful. Tastes like old shoe most of the time. Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but really it’s nothing to write home about.

Coffee in Europe is strong. You drink one and you will be up for another 4-5 hours. Here? Not so much. It’s pretty watery and has a bitter after-taste. You buy one and a couple of hours after that you crash and you will probably need another. Going to Tim Horton’s is a ritual though. It’s like a Canadian rite of passage. You get your double-double (2 cream, 2 sugar) or triple-triple (3 cream, 3 sugar). You roll up the rim to win (a game where people can win things by rolling up the rim of their paper coffee cup). And you may get some TimBits while you’re there (tiny round donuts).

And don’t get me wrong: I’m participating in all of it. And I love it! But that doesn’t change the fact that the coffee is just not good. You will have to drink it with cream, milk and/or sugar to get it to taste better than shoe. And that’s ok. When I’m back in Germany I will enjoy a good latte macchiato or a cappuccino, because in Europe Coffee and Espresso are a treasure, here Coffee is simply a component of your every day life.

And of course you can find coffee artists here as well! Barista’s that know that the milk foam on a cappuccino is all white and not white/brown-ish. People that are aware of the difference between espresso and coffee. People that brew their coffee at home (me!) and thus can still enjoy a strong cup of joe. But if you go to a drive through and ask for coffee? Don’t expect any treasure, cause all you’re gonna get is brown water.

If it helps at all, I was told this: McCafe > Starbucks > Tim Horton’s > Denny’s

How do you feel about coffee and all its excellent cousins? And all its distributors?


Oh, and in case you were wondering: I chose to go to the next Tim Horton’s and did not have to wait in a line-up at all! 😀